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6 pigs ears; 1 onion; ½ carrot; 5cm fresh ginger; a bunch of spring onions (white and middle parts); 1 aniseed star; 2 allspice; a pinch Szechuan pepper; 3 cloves; a cinnamon stick; 1 tbsp dark sugar; 4 tbsp soya sauce

Pressed pigs ears (猪耳朵, Zhu Er Duo)

Pour boiling water over the ears, peel them and wash thoroughly. Place the ears in cold water so that they are just covered; add the vegetables and remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil and weight the lid down so that the ears are kept underwater. Cook for 2 hours on a low heat. Place the ears in a container and cover them with the strained stock, press them with the weight and leave to cool. Remove the weight and leave the ears in a cold place for six hours. Remove them and cut them into thin slices or strips. Serve with soya sauce as a starter or in salad.

Pressed pigs ears (猪耳朵, Zhu Er Duo)

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