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1 chicken (600 g); 1 chilli pepper; 2 tbsp clarified butter; 3-6 cloves garlic; 1 cup gold top milk; salt, black pepper

Chicken Chkmeruli (ჩქმერული)

Wash the chicken and cut it along the breast, flatten it out and dry it. Rub a mixture of the salt and pepper over the chicken and fry it in the butter in a cast iron pan (the original recipe uses a fireplace) on a medium heat for 10 minutes on each side under a weight. Remove the chicken and set it aside keeping it warm. In the same pan prepare the sauce. Add the milk, crushed garlic, salt and pepper and then return the chicken to the pan either whole or quartered. Heat it through and serve with herbs and vegetables in the pan.

Chicken Chkmeruli (ჩქმერული)

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