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½ lb of Imereti cheese (or half Adygei, half mozzarella); ½ lb ready dough for khachapuri; 1 egg; 1 cup of melted butter; salt

Imeretinskie Khachapuri (იმერული ხაჭაპური)

Divide the ready dough into portions of ½ lb, roll into balls, let stand for 1-2 hours covered. In the meantime, mash Imereti cheese (or mix grated Adygei and mozzarella cheeses), add salt if necessary, beat in an egg, mix and divide into balls of ½ lb each. Flatten each dough ball by hands on a floured wood oven shovel, then roll with a pin from center to edges ¼” thick. Place the cheese mix into the center of the dough circle, then gather around him the dough so that it tightly holds the cheese ball connecting dough edges over the cheese. Wrap the edges inside, flatten the khachapuri in the centre , then from center to edges, distributing the cheese stuffing inside evenly. Flip khachapuri and roll a little with a rolling pin, then tear the dough in the middle to let steam to escape. Bake in an oven at 480° F temperature for 15 minutes until browned. Remove the bread, brush with melted butter, cover with a towel and let stand for 5 minutes. Slice and serve.

Imeretinskie Khachapuri (იმერული ხაჭაპური)

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