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1 portion of soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles); 1 sheet of dry seaweed kombu (6”x6”); 1 handful of katsuobushi (shavings of dry tuna); 1 or 2 scallions; a pinch of sesame seeds; a pinch of nori seaweed, cut into thin strips; 1 tbs of salted soy sauce; 1 tbs of mirin (rice wine)

Zaru soba (笊蕎麦)

Prepare the first dashi broth: brake Kombu seaweed into small pieces , place into 2 cups of cold water and bring almost to boil over low heat, remove seaweed and store (can be used to make thesecond dashi broth). Add a handful of tuna flakes to the first broth, cook on low heat for 8 minutes, remove from heat and let stand for 8 minutes more. Strain the broth (flakes that can be used for the second dashi broth). Make a sauce for soba: mix together 2 tbs dashi broth, 1 tbs of soy sauce and 1 tbs mirin (ratio 2:1:1), bring to boil, cool, add chopped scallions. Meanwhile, cook noodles for 4-5 minutes, drain on a bamboo sieve (zaru), rinse with cold water. Serve noodles on the zaru with nori, dried sesame seeds, wasabi and grated daikon.

Дзару соба (Zaru soba, 笊蕎麦)

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