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For the leaven: 156 g flour; 1.6 g fast acting yeast; 1 tbsp honey. For the dough: 156 g flour; ½ tsp fast acting yeast; 40 g dry milk; 3 tbsp soft butter; 8 salt; 1 tsp clarified butter; ⅓ cup fine corn

English Muffins

Prepare the leaven: Mix the yeast with the sifted flour in a mixer. Add 177 g warm water (30ºC) with the honey and whisk for a couple of minutes. Leave to stand at room temperature for 1-4 hours. Then leave it in a fridge overnight. In the morning prepare the dough: Put the flour, salt; yeast; dry milk and butter in a mixer and whisk on the 1st speed for a pair of minutes. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes and then mix it again on the 4th speed for 10 minutes. Add water or flour if necessary until it is a smooth and shiny consistency. Grease a bowl and pour in the dough. Leave it to rise at room temperature until it doubles. Press it down and wrap it in cling film. Leave to stand for 1 hour or in a fridge overnight. Roll out the pastry on a table sprinkled with flour until it is ½ cm thick. Cut out circles 7.5cm in diameter and place them on a baking tray sprinkled with corn flour. Leave 5 cm between each muffin, sprinkle them on top and cover with cling film. Leave them to rise until the double in size. Fry the muffins in a cast iron pan brushed with butter on a medium heat for 10 minutes on one side. Turn them over and cook until golden. Once it’s cooked spike the muffins with a fork around the perimeter, break them in half and toast them under a grill on the inside. Serve with butter, jam, fried eggs, poached eggs or omelette.

English Muffins

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