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500g cottage cheese; 4 eggs; a handful of raisins; 1 vanilla pod; the zest 1 lemon; a pinch of flour; 100g butter (+ 2 tbsp); 100g dark sugar (+ 2 tbsp); 2 tbsp sour cream; 2 tbsp cocoa powder


Beat together the egg yolks, 100g each of sugar and butter, the seeds from the vanilla pod and the lemon zest using an electric whisk set to the lowest speed. Add a handful of raisins and the cottage cheese pressed through a sieve. Mix it all together on the same speed and transfer the cheese mixture into a large bowl. Whisk the egg whites on maximum until they peak. Add them to the cheese mixture folding them in gently. Grease a deep baking dish with 1 tbsp of oil and dust it with flour. Pour in the cheese mixture and bake it in an oven heated to 180°C for 50 minutes. Switch off the oven and leave the desert to cool inside. Meanwhile prepare the chocolate glaze. Dissolve 2 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp butter on a low heat in a small pan. Add 2 tbsp cocoa and 2 tbsp sour cream. Mix together well and bring to the boil. Leave it to cook until it thickens. Turn the Sernik over onto a plate and brush it all over with the chocolate glaze. Place it in a fridge to set overnight. Slice into 1-2cm thick pieces and serve as a desert with tea or at breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Львовский сырник (Sernik)

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