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Bhindi Bhaji
Ladies fingers stewed with tomatoes and onions
Бириани (Biryani)
Chicken with rice
Огіркова райта (ककडी रैता, Cucumber Mint Raita)
Cucumber Mint Raita (ककडी रैता)
A cold yoghurt sauce with vegetables and herbs
Ги (घी, Ghee, Beurre noisette)
Ghee (घी)
Clarified butter
Sopa de lentejas (Masoor Dal, मसूर दाल)
Masoor Dal (मसूर दाल)
A spicy lentil soup with coconut milk
Deep fried biscuits
Пакора (Pakoṛā, पकोड़ा, Bajji)
Pakora (Pakoṛā, पकोड़ा, bajji)
Deep fried vegetables in batter
Caniche (Pudla)
Pancakes made from vegetables and lentil flour
Soyabean Dosa with Coconut Chutney
A simple vegetarian breakfast
Curry de soja (Soybean Curry)
Soybean Curry
Spicy beans with plain rice
Ласси с клубникой (Strawberry Lassi)
Strawberry Lassi
Cold milk drink