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Basterma (Բաստուրմա, Basterma, Pastırma)
Basterma (Բաստուրմա, Basterma, Pastırma)
Dry-cured beef in a spicy crust
Маринованные яйца (Pickled Eggs)
Pickled Eggs (Soleier)
Boiled eggs preserved in vinegar
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Джем из чёрной смородины (Homemade Blackcurrant Jam)
Homemade Blackcurrant Jam
The classic recipe for preserving currants
Cabbage stuffed with mushrooms
Cabbage stuffed with mushrooms
Mushrooms and pearl barley wrapped in cabbage leaves
Морской язык Маньер (Sole meunière)
Sole meunière
A fillet of fish fried with butter, parsley and lemon


300 g lamb shoulder; 150 g pumpkin; 1½ cups flour; 1 egg; 1-2 onions; 80 g lambs tail fat or dripping; cumin; salt; black pepper; red chilli pepper

Manti (만두)

Sift the flour and add the egg and 50ml ice cold water. Salt and mix to form a dough. Wrap the pastry in cling film and chill in a fridge for half an hour. Remove the lamb from the bone and trim any membranes. Chop it with a knife until it is the size of lentils. Peel and dice the pumpkin. Peel and slice the onion. Season with coarse salt and squash the juice out with your hands. Dry the spices in a dry pan on a low heat, grind them with a pestle and mortar with coarse salt. Add the finely chopped lamb fat or dripping to the meet and onions, add 50ml ice cold water and mix well. Roll the pastry into a sausage and cut into 1 cm pieces. Roll each piece out so that the edge becomes thinner than the centre. Place 1 tbsp of the filling on each piece and pinch the edges together. Place in a steamer brushed with oil and cook for 45 minutes. Serve immediately with melted butter and sour cream.

Manti (만두)